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Published on 1/28/2014 additional information available

Plug into A New World of Customers for FREE

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Plug into a new world of customers...FREE!


Plugging your products & services into

? We take you global! Reach millions of potential customers worldwide

on–one of the fastest growing, international ecommerce

sites on the Web!

? We put the marketing muscle of over 100,000 SFI affiliates to

work for you, promoting and selling your products and services in

over 20,000 cities in over 190 countries!

? There are no listing fees and no risk. Simply sign up, submit the

information on your products and services, and start taking orders!

We retain a nominal amount only when you make a sale.

? We facilitate further sales growth by providing you with your

own, customized "TConnect" Website, a multitude of payment

options for your customers, wish lists, and much more!

1.List your products    2.Shoppers see   3.We forward orders   4.Payment is

   and/or services           your listings        to you to fulfill           transferred to you


For more information or to get started FREE, go to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is it?

A: The E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program is a new program

that allows commercial sellers to market their products

and services at and also from their own,

separate TripleClicks "TConnect" Website.

Q: How does it work?

A: In short, you'll list your products and/or services and they

will become viewable by shoppers at Shoppers

may purchase your products and/or services by placing

it in the Tripleclicks shopping cart and checking out. We take

care of all payment processing on your behalf and then forward

you the order for fulfillment.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in this program?

A: There is no cost to get started. Once accepted, you can

list as many products and/or services as you'd like at no cost.

TripleClicks simply retains a nominal percentage (minimum

15% of your retail price) whenever you make a sale. That's it!

Q: How long has TripleClicks been in business?

A: TripleClicks was launched in January 2009. The parent

company, Carson Services, Inc., is in its 25th year and is a

long-time member of the Better Business Bureau serving Southeast Nebraska.

Q: How can I become an ECA?

A: Apply at Approvals typically

take just 1-2 business days. Once approved, you can immediately

begin listing your products and services on TripleClicks.

Q: When/how do I get paid when a sale occurs?

A: You can choose to be paid weekly via check or daily via electronic transfer of funds.

Q: How do I list PRODUCTS at TripleClicks?

A: You can enter the product information for your products

one at a time via a special ECA Webpage. Or, if you have

many products to list, you can quickly and easily upload all of

your information in a simple text file.

Q: How do I list SERVICES at TripleClicks?

A: We provide you with a special Website where you can

enter complete information on your service(s) and in a format

that will allow online ordering.

Q: How are prices determined?

A: You set all prices. You can also adjust your prices whenever you need to.

Q: How are shipping costs determined on product sales?

A: If your company resides in the United States, TripleClicks

software can automatically determine the shipping cost

(which will be paid to you) for each of your products, based

on weight and destination. If your company resides in another

country, you will submit your required shipping fees

when you submit your product's retail pricing information.

Q: For product orders placed at TripleClicks by local customers,

can the customer choose to pick up the order at my store?

A: Yes, you can choose this option for any or all of your products

and eliminate shipping costs for your local customers.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what kind of products and

services I can sell at TripleClicks?

A: Yes. See our list at

Q: Who is responsible for product returns and refunds?

A: You will be responsible for processing and notifying us of

all returned products. TripleClicks will then take care of all refunds to customers.

Q: Does TripleClicks offer fraud protection?

A: Yes, we carefully monitor all orders for fraud.

Q: How do I manage orders?

A: Provided to you at our ECA Center is an Order Manager

that allows you to view all open and completed orders. You

can easily process open orders by printing out order summaries.

Or you can download a tab-delimited file that provides

a summary of all of your open orders for quick and easy fulfillment.

Q: What if I need to make changes or remove a product or service?

A: Provided to you at our ECA Center is a Listings Manager

that allows you to quickly and easily choose and edit any of

your products or services as needed. The Listings Manager

also allows you to designate products and services as inactive

or active, which is instantly reflected at

and on your "TConnect" Website.

Q: What is the "TConnect" Website?

A: When you apply to become an ECA, we'll ask you to

choose a domain name (e.g.

This URL becomes yours to use as you like in your own promotions

and is a special TripleClicks Website that features

JUST your products, plus special features that allow you to

connect with customers more deeply and grow your customer

base in exciting new ways! As with our standard program,

for any orders, we'll take care of all payment

processing for you and forward orders on to you for fulfillment.

If you currently don't have a Website for your products

or services, you'll now have one, ready for you to use as soon

as you've uploaded your product and service information!

Q: What is the cost of the "TConnect" Website?

A: There is no cost. It is provided to you 100% free as part of our ECA program.

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