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Published on 2/16/2020 additional information available

Were YOU featured on IBO in the week ending 2-15-2020?

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Shelby gave me a little frown and shook her head a bit and said “It just seems like nothing is working. I’m talking to a LOT of people and they seem to like me but I’m not getting many sales”

Shelby is a friend of mine and a fellow insurance agent. I knew she left the agency she was working at and went “independent” about a year ago but haven’t kept track of her until we had coffee and “caught up” recently.

I love talking to and mentoring young agents so I was interested in hearing what was going well and what was (and wasn’t) working for her.

She told me she was struggling and I asked her to tell me about what she's doing and why she’s frustrated.

After about 30 minutes of listening, I stopped her with a smile and asked…

“Do you want to sell a lot more insurance?” and then I explained…

Shelby’s challenge wasn’t the number of people she was adding to “sphere” of influence. It was the fact that she wasn’t really developing any relationships with any of them.

She wasn’t making that 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th contact that leads to getting more business. She was always focusing on talking to more new people. 

The small change we implemented with Shelby is that she’s “dialed down” the new contacts to 1/10th of what she used to do and focusing on recontacting everyone she’s already met and finding out how she can provide value to them.

Can she review their insurance at no obligation? Can she provide them with a competitive quote on any of the insurance they already buy? Can she send them a referral for their business and what would that “look like”?

But Shelby’s experience is the same experience a lot of businesses of all types are having. So let me ask YOU a question….

Are you frustrated with your efforts promoting your business on social media? 

Does it seem like you are always “busy” but not really productive?

Remember 3 people that really know who you are, like you and trust what you do are worth more than 300 people that follow you on Twitter or Facebook (or IBO).

That’s part of the charm of IBO. It’s a “small pond” in the social media world. Think about that…

This is the 323rd weekly review post that I’ve published this recap. You can find all the previous ones in my list of posts.

You might not think who the Featured Members on IBO this last week is important but if you are reading this and using the IBO platform, realize that the featured members are The most active, most visible members of IBO.

They help drive much of the traffic to IBO.

They are the subject of this recurring post.

This is the place where anyone that wants to know “who was featured this week” can “get the update”.

IBO VIP Kris Karafotas has written a nice resource post “How to become the IBOToolbox Featured Member of the Day”. 

Featured Members are the “traffic drivers” on IBO. Learn from what they are doing, copy what works because they can be a part of helping you make 2020 your best year ever…

The FMOTD’s THIS week are…

Reach out and say hello to every one of them. 

If you haven’t yet been the FMOTD I’m looking forward to seeing YOU featured sometime soon or, if you have been FMOTD previously I’m looking forward to seeing you featured again…

Bill Bateman - (like Batman with an “E” in the middle you’ll often hear me say if/when we talk on the phone)

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