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Published on 2/2/2020 additional information available

Were YOU featured on IBO in the week ending 2-1-2020

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January 2020 has come and gone and statistics say that 80 percent of all “New Year's Resolutions” have already been given up on or at least are in procrastination mode.

That includes physical goals, family goals, spiritual goals and perhaps more than most those business and financial goals. 

The amount of income we intend to make, the amount of money we intend to save and all of the other issues related to that reflection of our monetary “worth”...

Those goals, those “resolutions” can be inspiring but all too frequently after just a month of the year, they are discouraging. But...

Whether you are part of the 80 percent or the 20 percent, be encouraged either way.

The best way to get back on track or continue a successful path is to be diligent about breaking down your “resolutions” to daily habits. Be sure that you are evaluating them every month and get back on track with revised goals immediately.

Making $12,000 more this year than last year is a lot more difficult for the average person’s mind to contemplate than making $230 more per week. $230 a week sounds more difficult than $38 a day.

Break it down to daily goals then the activities necessary and the habits you need to reach those activities. Before you know it, you're back on track. 

Featured Members of the Day have some exercised some daily habits to get that recognition.. The most active, most visible members of IBO are the FMOTD’s. That’s what this recurring post is about.

This is the 321st weekly review post that I’ve published. You can find all the previous ones in my list of posts.

This is the place where anyone that wants to know “who was featured this week” can “get the update”.

Kris Karafotas has written a nice resource post “How to become the IBOToolbox Featured Member of the Day”. 

Featured Members are the “traffic drivers” on IBO. Learn from what they are doing, copy what works because they can be a part of helping you make 2020 your best year ever…

The FMOTD’s THIS week are…

Reach out and say hello to every one of them. 

If you haven’t yet been the FMOTD I’m looking forward to seeing YOU featured sometime soon or, if you have been FMOTD previously I’m looking forward to seeing you featured again…

Bill Bateman - (like Batman with an “E” in the middle you’ll often hear me say if/when we talk on the phone)

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