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Published on 12/15/2019 additional information available

IBO Featured Members for the Week Ending 12-14-2019

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I was listening to a podcast with Frank Kern and his wife earlier today on Stitcher It was all about the “Great What if?” questions that we ask ourselves that trip us up in our endeavors (whether business or personal)

We WAY to often “lead with our buts”. We sabotage our efforts by focusing, maybe even obsessing on what could possibly go wrong.

There are really only 3 things that we need to do anything. We need to know…

  • What to do

  • Why you doing it

  • How to do it

All the rest is just focusing on one step at a time. 

Doesn’t matter whether you want to be a successful network marketer, insurance agent, brain surgeon or teacher….

It’s a process. 


What if…

  • We can’t figure it out?

  • We don’t have anybody show up to our online meeting?

  • We don’t have THE best product?

  • Social media marketing stops working?

  • Facebook advertising gets more expensive?

  • It takes more time than we think?

And on and on and on…

Don’t lead with your but. Don’t talk out of your but. Don’t let the “yeah but’s” and the “what if’s” distract you from accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

Which brings me to IBO.

I’ve published this weekly post 315 weeks in a row.- this weekly recap of the featured members of the week (also known as the FMOTD’s) 

Every week there are people who don’t get value from IBO just because they get caught up in all the “well but” questions. Don’t be one of them. 

The downside risks with IBO (and platforms like it) are way low. 

You have to invest a little time. Invest it wisely. Build relationships, pick up the phone, call and talk to some of the people you are associating with.

Ask them what they are trying to accomplish on IBO and tell them what you are trying to do. Find out how you can help them and vice versa.

The featured members are usually doing that. That’s one of the reasons they are people worth paying some attention to.

Kris Karafotas has written a nice resource post “How to become the IBOToolbox Featured Member of the Day”. if you want some detailed information on joining the “featured club”

Featured Members are the “traffic drivers” on IBO. Learn from what they are doing, copy what works and make 2020 your best year ever…

The FMOTD’s THIS week are…

Reach out and say hello to every one of them. 

I’m looking forward to seeing YOU featured sometime soon or seeing you featured again…

Bill Bateman - (like Batman with an “E” in the middle you’ll often hear me say if/when we talk on the phone)

PS - I’m “all in” with Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team and (of course) I need customers 

Take  the 2 week free trial (so you know what we sell) but if you don’t have the budget (or the time) to use the program yourself cancel during the free trial and you’ll still be in business with me and I have LOTs of leads (more than I can follow up on)

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