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Published on 12/1/2019 additional information available

IBO Featured Members for the Week Ending 11-30-2019

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This week I was furiously catching up on a backlog of work much of which involves my insurance business.

If you are in the USA you can’t NOT realize that it’s open enrollment time for both people over 65 (Medicare) and people under 65 (ACA or Obamacare)

I’m involved in both of them and both on the retail side of the business (that’s helping consumers in 11 states get enrolled in coverage) and the wholesale side of the business (that’s helping agents help consumers).

In the middle of that, of course, we have my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Had to invest some family time, especially because my oldest son, Max just turned 18 earlier this month and is getting ready to leave for college next year. I’m not sure if he’ll “make it back home” next year and that brings its own set of concerns for a doting father.

On top of that, I was featured on Tuesday, my 51st time! I’m grateful for that and as usually happens when one is featured, my email and facebook “blew up” with folks saying “congratulations”.

One of the things I heard on a podcast this week, while I was out taking a walk with my dogs was a clarifying moment and reminder. 

It’s the relationships that have value, nothing else. 

Sure you have to perform, whether that’s in your role as a parent, a mentor, a business partner, a business owner, an employer or employee, a spouse or child.

Place a high value on those relationships. Cherish them, nurture them, never violate the trust and everything else is easier.

Which brings me to IBO.

Hard to believe that this is the 313th week that I’ve published the recap of the featured member of the week (AKA the FMOTD’s).

Kris Karafotas has written a nice resource post “How to become the IBOToolbox Featured Member of the Day”. if you want some detailed information on joining the “featured club”

and...If you want to be one of the featured members of the day on IBO you can probably get there in just a few weeks if you want.

Featured Members are the “traffic drivers” on IBO. Learn from what they are doing, copy what works and make 2020 your best year ever…

The FMOTD’s THIS week are…

Reach out and say hello to every one of them. Let ‘em know I sent you :)

Hey, I’m looking forward to seeing YOU featured sometime soon

Bill Bateman - (like Batman with an “E” in the middle you’ll often hear me say if/when we talk on the phone)

PS - I’m “all in” with Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team and (of course) I need customers 

Take  the 2 week free trial (so you know what we sell) but if you don’t have the budget (or the time) to use the program yourself cancel during the free trial and you’ll still be in business with me and I have LOTs of leads (more than I can follow up on)

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