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Published on 9/22/2019 additional information available

IBO Featured Members for the Week Ending 9-21-2019

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When I learned to drive, way back in 1975, I was living in the very small town of Nashville, Michigan. Lot's of dirt roads and even the city roads were not very busy.

These days I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Albuquerque Metro Area is the 60th largest (in terms of population) in the USA. This last week, after a lot of prompting, I took my 14-year-old son out to try his hand at driving the car a little. Finding a good place to teach a young driver in the middle of a big town isn't easy.

But, there is a great private school campus near our home with lot's of open parking lots and side roads. It's right in the middle of the affluent residential part of the city and yet a lot of people don't realize it's a perfect place for a little "drivers education".

A little knowledge is valuable.

This IBO Toolbox platform has a lot of benefits that are unique.

One that a lot of folks are not aware of is the ability to earn free advertising credits 4 times every 24 hour period just by checking in and clicking on a few advertisements from fellow IBO members.

If you are new here or returning after an absence I encourage you to take a little time to review the "credit center" section. If you are inclined there are a couple of paid options but there are a lot of free credits you can grab and use every day and every week.

Another "unique" in the IBO Toolbox is the FMOTD (Featured Member of the Day) feature...

I created this recurring post as a resource for anyone interested a few years ago.

This is the 304th weekly post in the series of featured members. That’s 2,128 members.Some have been featured only once.  Some of them have been featured multiple times. You can find all of the prior posts, If you like, in my Lists of Posts,

Every day, the FMOTD is determined by a computer algorithm weighted on consistent activity in the 5 areas that IBO gives users “stars” for. 

The 7 folks featured this last week were...

If you aren't associated with all of them - take the time to do that now. 

Looking forward to seeing YOU featured sometime soon

Bill Bateman - (like Batman with an “E” in the middle you’ll often hear me say if/when we talk on the phone)

PS - I’m “all in” with Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team and (of course) I need customers BUT I REALLY need people looking to build their own business as affiliates (and you can do that totally for free) - Take  the 2 week free trial (so you know what we sell) but if you don’t have the budget (or the time) to use the program yourself cancel during the free trial and you’ll still be in business with me and I have LOTs of leads (more than I can follow up on)

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