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Published on 11/24/2021 additional information available

8 Ways To Profits In Farming And Other Businesses

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1. The first thing you need if you want to be successful in farming is to have passion in the business. 

2. Integrity is something that is very vital that you must have in any business, you cannot buy integrity in market but can build it up by yourself.

3. Personal Accountability: After doing all the work with customer A and Z, You must do proper accounting for the work done. Personal accountability to yourself and family. You have to save money, no matter how small your farming business is, you can open business saving account or do daily or monthly contribution.once you are accountable, it will grow in no time.

4. Develop the attitude of resilience, ruggedness and patience, in this sense, it means if you fail in one business you must rise again and start or do it better and you will succeed.

5. Pay more attention to sourcing and sharing knowledge, getting knowledge is something that does not end any time, if you have problems on your farm, never hesitate in sharing your success or  failure with other farmers, so they also can learn.

6. Try to open the door for someone behind you, This means, carry others along or say help others also. No candle will loose it's light when lighting others, never stop to impact by sharing experiences, caring and helping out others in similar business, this is a major way life can be more meaningful.

7. Start small, If capital is little: not until you have billions of money before you can start Farming business, you can start from small and grow big, some start poultry business with just about 15 broiler chickens.

8. Buy business materials, books, etc and read : one of my lecturer in schools will come to class and say do you know when I wrote this book, we will say no and he will say when you people are busy sleeping in the  night. Great men achieved great things working over the night while others were asleep. Start a business with passion, honesty and integrity. Some people can start  a business with 1 million naira and get a negative result and another person can start business with #10,000 and if people know you to be trustworthy, you will go far and grow rapidly in the business. Integrity is key, this is something that you cannot buy in life, but you will build it yourself. All the Best and Have a nice day.

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