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Published on 11/5/2021 additional information available

9 Typical Ways To Attract Followers On Social Media Platforms

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If you want to get more followers you are in the right place. The mission of this post is to provide you with the best effective tips possible to help you get more followers on any social media or online platform, especially Twitter. These tips can help you turbo-boost your audience and take your brand to the next level. Have a good time reading the post!
1. Craft a Compelling Bio: Your bio is what people will read when they discover your profile – so make it a good one!Your bio box should describe who you are and what you do. In this section you have a number of characters to describe yourself. Use as much of this space as possible to cover the topics you are likely to talk about and encourage people to follow you.

2. Upload a Real Photo of Yourself:  Although for brand accounts it sometimes makes the most sense to use a logo, if you want to get more followers for your personal account one of the best ways is to use a profile picture with your actual face. People are social creatures and personally I know many prefer to see a smiling face instead of a faceless logo. People are more likely to trust and connect with you if they see your face so I recommend you use a picture where your face is clearly visible for your profile picture. 

3. Follow Experts and Popular Accounts Make sure you follow people and companies that have a solid position in your niche. Following the right people is a sure way of getting noticed especially when you start a dialogue or reply to them. In addition, following experts in your niche is a sure way for you to learn important tactics from them. Also when you follow someone you will be placed at the top of their follower list and this will give your profile extra exposure. Some people game the system and get followers by unfollowing and then refollowing popular accounts. By following popular accounts you get exposure from being at the top of the list of followers of a celebrities account for a time. 

4. Get More Followers by Helping People:  People join twitter or many other platforms online in order to share ideas, interact with people who have the same interests and engage in interesting conversations. Anyone who is on board only to make money from their followers will be doomed and failure and ridicule. Twitter users are smart and they can easily tell if you are there to have a conversation or if you have been blown there by the winds of business.Get more followers by sharing helpful tips, However, you can still promote your business also. For instance, for every 20 non-promotional, informational and useful tweets you can have room for one that promotes or sells your business. A smart way to promote your business is by creating blog posts that help your audience and introduce people to your business in a non-pushy way. Since the main purpose of twitter is to communicate and socialize, it is vital to do less selling and more branding. This will create more trust and respect from the people in your network. 

5. Strive For Clarity: It is very important to make sure that the information you post are properly understood. This is a sure way to ensure your followers feel like they are part of your tweets and conversations. When people discover your profile they will look for a clear picture of who you are – so if you are posting cryptic tweets they probably won’t click the “follow” button. Seek to be understood and you will soon find followers. Take advice from Nietzsche and strive for clarity: Those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound strive for obscurity. 

6. Get More Followers With a Compelling Profile: This is vital especially for people who first discover you and are deciding whether to follow you or not. Since they want to know more about you make sure they get a great first impression. If you are managing a business page, there is a good chance you or your employer will want to use the company name for the name field of the Twitter profile. But just because you use the business name for your Twitter account does not mean that you should not give the profile personality. Use the bio field and / or background to identify the human(s) responsible for tweeting. Use Co-Tags When an Account is Managed by Multiple People If multiple people manage one account use tags with initials and a high hat to identify who is tweeting what. This is called a “CoTag” Since my name is Stephen, if I was tweeting on an account managed by several people I would add the tag ^Stayjid2000 or Ayojide to the end of my tweets. The more personal you can make your profile the more people will want to connect and communicate with you. It’s important to note that twitter does not display search results for people who do not have a complete user bio, real name and username.

7. List The Largest Local City as Your Location:  Just like adding a bio, or uploading a profile picture of your face, including your location helps people trust that you are a real person and not a robot. The more specific you are about your location the more other people from the area around you will find and follow you. I used worlwide in my Twitter bio for better reach. Listing the largest city near you is a solid way to use this strategy to attract new followers.9. Use the Twitter Search Tool You can easily use Twitter search to find other people who tweet about the specific terms that you are interested in.For instance if health is your area of interest you can search fitness, exercise, and diet. Say “Hey” and follow people who share the same interests as you and many will follow you back.

8. Give Great Resources to Your Followers: Be resourceful, helpful, and supportive by helping your followers with excellent content. The more trust you can gain by sharing helpful information the more followers you will get.Reach out and answer questions with helpful answers and you will find followers for life. Once people realize that they can benefit from your tweets they will be more likely to follow you and keep track of your activities online. There are many ways to get more Twitter followers, but all are not created equal. The most powerful Twitter follower getting tips I have discovered are:Initiate connections often (Follow others)
Unfollow those who do not reciprocate, or who have become inactive on Twitter ( Circleboom works well for this)
9. Post helpful awesome content on a daily basis:
Engage with as many people as possible, Do you have any tips for getting more followers? If you want to get more followers leave a comment and let us know your favorite way to get followers. Share your tips and/or ideas in the comments below! Have a nice day.

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