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Published on 11/5/2021 additional information available

3 Smart Ways To Profit As A Broilers Chickens Farmer

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When farmers lament about not making profit from their poultry business, most times I often wonder what went wrong. The truth is, poultry business is lucrative. I mean poultry is a lucrative business if you have very reliable funding sources. But, don't let that confuse you. Poultry business most of the time gives you what you put in. If done any how, It's simply GIGO. Garbage In, Garbage Out. Making profit from poultry business isn't by chance. Maybe this is why most farmers complain. They don't plan. They just get in and expect to cash out big since it's generally said that poultry business is a lucrative business. Let me share these 3 major secrets.....

1. First, learn to understand that broilers are meant to be kept for a short time. I mean few weeks to a month or twos depending on weight target. So, do your best to get the most productivity within the shortest possible time. Science says 1.9kg at 6 weeks. You can get excellent performance from your Broilers as long as you keep them healthy always. Broilers will only give you the best performance when they are healthy. Healthy birds are fast growing birds. A sick broiler bird or chicken can never give you any good result. If at all, it'll take a longer time and the longer you keep Broilers the more chances you will lose your money. If you can reach your target within 6 to 8 weeks, do the best practices to get that result and make yours sales.

2. Secondly, Cut Mortality to the minimum. I see farmers happy that they bought 100 birds and were only able to get 60 of the birds  to maturity, I don't seem to understand. Some may say that you can never keep a set of poultry birds and not lose any of them. Is that true? The truth is, you can keep 500 birds without losing any of them. The possibility of this is high when you stop believing everything you were told about poultry before and start learning new ways to take care of  your birds especially Broilers. Imagine losing 40% of your birds. How do you intend to recover from that? What I mean is, you bought 100 birds and you raised them up to 8 weeks. Before 6 weeks you already lost 40 birds. There is no way you will be get your money back, let alone making any profit. This is why some people hype the price of chicken so much. How is that the customers problem, if you lost many of your birds? It's part of the risks involved. Do you expect the customer to pay for your mortality or the bird? Raising birds is already hard work, losing your money along is a bad luck. Your birds don't just die. They die mostly from illness or too much heat. If you can prevent the illness, you will keep your birds alive. I manage well to keep broilers always healthy and growing everyday by frequent observation, also making sure the birds are in clean fresh environment. Don't joke with liter management. Your birds are like your babies. Even if they'll live for a short time, make them enjoy the time and in turn they'll give you what you want. "However vast you've become in poultry or any business, Don't joke with the simple things that matter". You can actually raise chickens without doses of vaccine or synthetic antibiotics but pure organic and save yourself a lot of hassles. Finally, profitability in poultry comes from keeping the mortality rate very low and ensuring your birds are always healthy. You can make #181,000 from 8weeks 100 broilers after disposing all birds at exactly 8 weeks 4 days with the high cost of feed and everything.  Possible Average cost price #3100 per bird 

Possible Average selling price #5200 per bird

By keeping mortality very low and productivity can excellent. 3 Mortality from 100 birds. Pure organic medication from day 1. The amazing part is record keeping. Keep detailed records. So why are you not making any profits? Note: Any disease outbreak in a farm is a setback. Even if they will recover it'll take a longer time to reach your target and that's already a loss. Try Organic feed additives for (fast growth and weight boosting, immune boosting, gut health maintenance, appetite boosting and high feed conversion) this can be profitable

3. Finally, Always produce towards seasons of celebration for example towards December Christmas and New year festivals, Thanksgiving festivals, Easter festivals, Eid Festivals, such as Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr festivals, and so on . Have you heard the economics term "The higher the demand, the higher the price" This helps you get favorable demand and good pricing of your birds when it is towards any  seasons of celebrations in any country, but importantly in Nigeria. Nigerians are very ceremonial people and usually try to make purchases towards any ceremonial season, this will boost your sales and even give very profitable and acceptable high pricing of birds and products. Have a nice day.

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