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Published on 7/21/2019 additional information available

We Are Not Alone

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Hey there 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your business is growing daily.

I know that it sometimes feels like we are all alone, adrift in the online marketing sea.
We feel that every decision, every roadblock or every hurdle has to be faced and resolved by us and only us.
But that is simply not the case. The online community is filled with people that are willing and wanting to assist with any issue or question you might have.
Of course that most certainly includes me :)  I am a firm believer that an informed and confident online community benefits us all.
A shopping mall brings in way more traffic than a single store by itself.

This past week I found myself in need of some help and reassurance of my own
Panic set in when it looked like my emails were not being delivered. No emails would be a disaster in this business.
I frantically started sending out emails to a trusted friend whom I met through online networking. She was kind enough to endure my frenzy and assure me that everything was OK and that my mails were being received.
It seems a little silly now, but at the time it felt overwhelming.
So, the moral of this story would be that no issue is to small and no question to silly to reach out and ask for help. You are not alone.

If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know. And if I don't have the answers, I know some people that do :)

Thanks for reading today, and as always.....take time to smell the advertising, there are a lot of great things growing out there.

Live Happy and Healthy

Kevin Gerber
4K Success

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