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Answer the Door

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Hey there

Thanks for dropping by, I hope your list is growing daily.

Yes, it really is me, I am alive and doing well :-)
I apologize for going silent the past week or so, but I have been busy with a very important customer. My Wife
You read that right LOL. My wife has entered the online marketing arena, and she could not be more excited.
She also could not be any greener. She is completely new to the fantastic world of IM.
She really wants to make her business work and carve out a livable income. So I am backing her 100% and teaching/coaching her as best I can.
Patience and well chosen words is all it will take :-)

She saw a post on Facebook a few weeks back from a friend that showed a before and after photo. That was enough to peak her interest.
Curiosity and questions answered the how and what that caused this transformation, and that there was an opportunity to market the product.
The entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and BAM she became an internet marketer.

That whole process took 1 Facebook post, a 10 minute phone conversation and a quick face to face meeting. Fascinating to say the least.
She wasn't looking for or even thinking about becoming an internet marketer, but it was her openness to see the value in the opportunity and the belief in herself that made her choice an easy one.
It may work out, it may not but that is the beautiful thing about opportunity. You just don't know unless you take the chance.

This got me thinking about all the opportunities out there everyday that we just brush past and don't give a second chance. We have become so numb to what goes by our screens, that we just can't see it.
We just don't allow ourselves to see the opportunities, we just don't trust anymore.
We like our comfort zones, we like our familiar. We like it safe. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If what you are doing is giving you the results you want, Fantastic, keep going.
But if you find yourself on the outside looking in on your business dreams, it's time to answer the door. Opportunity is knocking.
Take a little extra time this week and really look, open up and and find inspiration, find your mojo. I know its out there knocking.

You just have to answer the door.

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Thanks for reading today, and as always.....take time to smell the advertising, there are a lot of great things growing out there.

Keep Building Your List and Your Business

Kevin Gerber
4K Success

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