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Published on 10/28/2019 additional information available

Why Bother Blogging?


A brief history of my own blogging experience.

I have been a blogger of sorts, even before the term “Blogger” came to be used

I first started writing posts as a diary on “Myspace” and later blogged on Blogger 

I  continued until “Myspace” decided they wanted to do away with blogging

They suggested people like me should transfer over to WordPress, which suggested the transfer would be automatic

Sadly that was not the case and because I thought all my contents would be moved for me, I didn't save any of my written work

The result was I needed to start all over again, resulting in a brand new approach, later on making use of the IBO blogging system which later on was altered to press releases

Back to the question, Why Bother Blogging? As you might already own a website or be affiliated and use some companies site, you may feel that enough to deal, especially with advertising

But having a blog gives you another place for advertising, and also can be used for backlinks to whatever site you want to promote, with the use of banner or direct links included with your posts

Plus as a bonus, it's possible for blogs to earn you money, with the easiest method is promoting Click-bank products using your own links, using the one-line method

What's the one-line method?  1st Create an eye-catching title, 2nd Add your affiliated link, although the best place to use this method is the wall at IBO

Apart from the obvious blogging platforms, Blogger & WordPress, and IBO press releases.

Tezzers  a traffic exchange site offers a Free basic blog, MINE

Yet Not many users make use of it, yes it's text only basic, but links can be added

You could use Facebook page instead of a blog, or a much easier and fun way of blogging is using  Pinterest, by creating new boards then adding images even shared ones, even video's which are now being shared within the main page

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