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Published on 11/21/2019 additional information available

Money isn''t Everything!

#Push Button
#Done for You" Apps

While it's true gaining money is the main reason most if not all people go online, bother to set up websites or blogs or become affiliates

Of course, all of these require time and effort and persistence, to continue until a monetary income is achieved 

Even though I admit it's was a great feeling when I achieved my first success goal, of having enough commission to pay to renew the cost of running my website, better still a sizeable amount left over

Of course, this means I have to come up with a new goal, but this is the nature of growth with internet business

Although in recent years I have noticed an increase of “Done for You” systems including “Push Button” systems 

With most using apps as the only driving force, while these systems may work you may find a requirement of having your ownership of social accounts in order for these apps to work

I have a strong dislike for this kind of sacrifice, as I value my personal control over all of my social account and the idea of an outsider being allowed to take over almost total control makes me shudder

In my opinion, even if any of these “done for you” systems worked as well as advertised, and making money became automated, I still would not want to use them

Why not? You may ask, because “money isn't everything” there would be little if any work satisfaction or pride in achievements or success with automation 

Knowing that through my own efforts I have built up a worthwhile and successful online business 

For me, this has more worth than quick or automated income

Having the knowledge that any income gained was done through steady and persistent promotion and article writing press releases such as this

Another thing I aim for is to help and direct online newcomers to avoid the many mistakes I made in my early years online

Which is why I offer free help and advice to anyone joining me through my IBO link, and in the past my “free info” blog which I'm still considering setting up once again

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