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Published on 8/13/2019 additional information available

Getting Your Message Across

#Online Marketers

Here I'm talking about us online marketers (entrepreneur) who is always looking for new ways to get their message out to as many in order to attract as many new visitors as possible

In these modern days we are spoilt for chose as there are so many ways to get our message to other people

Here I have compiled as many methods as I can think of:


1: Producing videos for uploading to your YouTube channel, the drawback is the video production needs to be regular and consistent, if you are to attract a strong following of keen viewers

2: Video slide shows or doodle explainer videos have become a popular way of producing faster assortment of videos

3: Podcasting which is not as popular as videos, as society on the whole has become visual based

But podcasting is ideal for those who are nervous to appear in front of a camera

As it's purely audio based and podcast are simpler to produce plus you can read from a printed script without anyone knowing

4: Webinars or Hangouts (Webinars  can be expensive)  ( Hangouts are offer as a free service through Google) as they are automatically turned into video content for YouTube

  Both are similar in they can be for groups of people although webinars are normal hosted with one speaker and others who can only text chat

Whereas Hangouts everyone can speak when allowed by the host

Direct talking

5: Skype is advertised as a free phone system to call anyone in the world, unless the call is to mobiles (smartphones included) then cost is involved

As with normal phoning if you live in a different country the time zones will also differ

Which can make it hard to know when to phone somewhere else in the world

6: Emailing: Which still gains the best results when advertising something and can be setup for automatic delivery with a autoresponder

Drawback you can only mail subscriber on your list and if you mail too much many will unsubscribe alternatively if you don't mail often enough they may forget they signed up and not even open your emails

7: One I've not mentioned yet is, giving away free e-books containing your affiliated links and banner, this method still works surprisingly well


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