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Published on 8/31/2019 additional information available

Get paid right into your PayPal account!

#Push Button

This was the enticing title for a email I received for a brand new, push-button software 

 First off I'm always sceptical of anything that is quote as “push-button” system or software

Secondly with all the accounts that PayPal has recently shut down with little or no warning, it does not seem like a good time to invest in a push-button software linked to PayPal

It seems that PayPal now dislikes and penalises all who run affiliate based businesses, and yet they are still connected to eBay and readily eager to take payments

Even if this push-button software worked and stuffed my PayPal account with lots of “push-button” money, the money is Not on automatic transfer to your designated bank as we are often mislead into believing

In order to get any money moved from PayPal to your bank you have to go into your and request it transferred  and from personal experience that does not happen even after the request

This happened when I had sold something through eBay, the money for the sold item was there in my PayPal account, so I went through the process and waited and waited!

The money simply disappeared without trace, so I attempted to contact PayPal about this problem stating the amount that was meant to be moved, only to receive a generic email giving their reasoning to why the money may not be available

But generally it was of No real help, plus there is No real way of contacting PayPal

Now here is a quirky thing, PayPal are still offering £10 for referring a friend by sending them 1p and hopefully they will be encouraged to open an PayPal account as we both gain £10 curtsey of PayPal

But there is more to this you also need to ask them to sign up and link their bank account or card, which part of the process of opening a PayPal account

We are also prompted to remind them to send or spend at least £5+,  before both persons get the £10

Plus is seemly generous offer Ends 9 September! 

Although I doubt this offer would applies to affiliate marketers or online business owner, as just recently yet another business had their PayPal account closed down   

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