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Published on 4/22/2013 additional information available

FuCoyDon Intensified - The SISEL Difference in Fucoidan supplements!

#Cellular Inflammation
# Cancer
#blood pressure
# Stem cell

Sisel’s FuCoyDon Intensified has 20 international and national patents pending.

Here are 3 of the 20 patented processes that make it the best Fucoidan supplement:

1. In nature, One out of seven or eight molecules has a Sulfated bond that creates the biological functions that we are after. Sisel has Sulfated all the molecules so we have eight of the eight molecules with the bond which makes our product Intensified or eight times more potent than the competition.

2. Sisel removes all toxins (heavy metals, arsenic) allowing us to concentrate the Fucoidan in Sisel’s FuCoyDon Intensified product. The government allows only so many ppm (parts per million) of arsenic. The competition gives you between 1.62% -1.84% Fucoidan in their product, whereas Sisel gives you over 1500% more due to no arsenic in the solution.

3. Sisel uses an enzymatic patented process to divide the molecular structure into individual molecules for better absorption.

Furthermore, Sisel’s Fucoidan is from Tonga, which has a greater yield percentage wise (21% yield and further intensified to over 31% in the finished product through SISEL's 20 Patented Manufacturing Processes). Sisel’s Fucoidan also has all three types of Fucoidan, U, F, and G, whereas the competition has just the U form. The Tongan waters are pristine with no pollutants coming from manufacturing waste being dumped into the sea or Military bases with fuels deposited into the ocean from ships.

• To view over 1000 independent scientific studies on Fucoidan, visit the National Institute Library of Medicine at - Search for: Fucoidan

• If the language in the studies is difficult to understand, Breakthroughs in Health magazines

and Rita Elkin's book are excellent resources.

• Also known as Fucans and Fucoidans

• A large sugar molecule called a polysaccharide, found in the cell wall of the limu moui

plant. When bonded with sulphate groups, becomes more beneficial to health and immunity.

Fucoidan is a cell signaler.

It stimulates stem cell growth.

It is anti Cancer, anti viral, anti bacterial, and a massive anti-inflammatory property.

Scientists are excited about its potential use against:

• Cancer - Blood flow to the cancerous cells is blocked thereby inhibiting cell growth.

• Promotes apoptosis, or cell death, of cancer cells.

• Enhances the effectiveness of natural killer cells so that our immune system can detect

and destroy cancer cells.

• Stops cell division of the cancer cells.

• Heart Disease - Cellular Inflammation is a key indicator of heart disease, Fucoidan reduces

Inflammation (Cellular and in the Joints) in the body.

• Inhibits the activation of smooth muscle cells, which has a role in plaque formation in

blood vessels.

• Acts as an anti-coagulant, preventing stroke and thrombosis.

• Lowers blood cholesterol, lowering the risk of clogged vessels.

• Controls blood pressure.

• Anti-viral & antibacterial Blocks the adhesion of the bacteria that causes ulcers.

• Boosts the immune system by 400% in the first week to fight viruses and bacteria.

• Diabetes - Stabilizes blood sugar levels and prevents excessive insulin responses.

• Alzhei

I have a type of arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis before using Sisel FuCoyDon I was getting infusions of a drug called Remicade every 2 months with my health insurance paid the $7600 it cost. I now take 3/4 of an oz of FuCoyDon at $48 a month and have much better results and no side effects .only good effects...

Take look at it on my site and the other 200+ Sisel Safe Products

John Gatto

Skype johng161

704 951 4224

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