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Published on 7/20/2012 additional information available

WARNING: The Use of Phthalates in Personal Care Products - can be hazardous to your health

# hair care products
# skin cleansers
# baby products
#development in children

Phthalates are multifunctional chemicals used in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products. A new Canadian study sought to determine phthalate levels in cosmetic and personal care products that are being sold in the marketplace.

In the current study, 252 products, including 98 baby care products were collected at retail stores in several provinces across Canada. These products included fragrances, hair care products hair sprays, mousses and gels, deodorants including antiperspirants, nail polishes, lotions, body lotions and body creams, skin cleansers and baby products, oils, lotions, shampoos and diaper creams.

Phthalates were detected in almost all personal care products surveyed, with the highest amounts detected in fragrance. Phthalates have been linked to a decrease in mental and motor development in children.

While scientist recommend people to stay clear of using phthalates due to their adverse health associations, it is difficult if not impossible to do, for as this study shows, virtually all personal care products are contaminated with them. And if they are not in the formula, most plastic bottles contain phthalates in them for flexibility. These phthalates in bottles leach out into the formulations due to the solvency of the lotions or shampoos. Note that water is a solvent, so drinking water from plastic bottles can contain phthalates, including BPA’s.

RESULTS: For female adults, the maximal daily exposure to phthalates was the highest, greatly exceeding levels considered to be harmful. Toddlers and infants, on average, in this case had maximal daily exposure levels. Adult males had the lowest levels, primarily because they use less products on a daily basis.

Sisel is the champion of avoiding the use of phthalates and other potentially harmful ingredients in its products. Tom Mower President and Chief Scientific Officer says, “the best thing about our products is what is not in them!” He further states, “Sisel avoids using the toxins and health damaging agents, which are many, in our products that almost all other companies use with what I consider reckless abandon, because so much science is there showing how toxic and potentially harmful that many ingredients can be!”

So if Sisel arguably has the world safest product line, Sisel also believes the world’s most powerful ingredients should be then added to its formulas. This philosophy provides unsurpassed performance vs. a cosmetic world of hype and hope but little or no real reality. What the average customer expects from cosmetics in the marketplace, they do not get.

Sisel products are VASTLY SUPERIOR by utilizing the highest levels of natural ingredients discovered in complementary medicine. They're designed to outperform the lack luster over promoted, productsl, laden with potentially harmful ingredients being sold to consummers. Sisel marketing philosophy is just backwards from the industry stating: "In most cosmetic products being sold in the marketplace, the science only seems to be in their advertising skills. In Sisel ...The science is in the products!"

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