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Tom Mower


Regular exercise can extend life, but 90% of humanity would rather die younger than submit to a daily workout.. The current USA guidelines for physical activity are 30 minutes a day for somebody over 20 years old, but over 90% of people do not do this amount and are shortening their life as a result.

Human psychology is hardwired to discount future rewards, a thing called time preference. The future reward such as an increased chance of being alive in sixty years tends to have a lower value for most people than say, substituting a video game or nap for exercise right now. Sad but true. So there is more gaming, less exercise, and shorter lives are on the balance. A better addition to exercise, or for those who will not do it is Longevity Therapy. Longevity Therapy utilizes TOL and TS-X to increase lifespan, reverse aging and create a "40 Forever" physical rebirth and regeneration. The Theory of Aging is known and arguably proven. So is the Theory to End Aging and now how to Reverse Aging!

Grow younger and healthier, as you live longer, has become a reality. Aging is not a disease but a treatable condition. Now the treatments are available. TOL & TS-X are low-cost life-extending therapies that exist today. Not using them should be was viewed as something akin as to failing to brush your teeth.

In using them many of the same people who skip exercise would arguably live much longer. But being alive sixty years in the future is difficult to envision for the average human being. One of Sisels major missions is to make people aware that they do not have make themselves more sick and die younger by neglecting exercise anymore. Sure exercise really helps to build up strength and regeneration but biological triggers put Longevity Therapy as the fountain of youth. Those activators react in the body to extend life and reverse aging.

The path to achieving that end is just about as clear, straightforward, and well defined as medical research can ever be. At Sisel we now know what needs to be fixed, and the ways to fix it. Scientific discoveries, Nobel Prize Winning technologies now at hand are available in the TOL and TS-X. However the public at large is not yet rallying to this cause... because they are now aware it even exists. They do not know the very products are available to not only END AGING but now to actually REVERSE AGING.

A cynic might say that they never will end or reverse aging, and loudly pontificate that if they were discovered, all the world would know about it. These cynics do not follow the research, for it they did, they would know it has recently been discovered, proven. Taking and making these discoveries into a pharmaceutical medicine is a long and costly process. It can take decades and costs could exceed a billion dollars for a prescription drug to develop it. Pharmaceutical companies work on taking the natural discoveries (they have proven to work) and create a synthetic molecule to patent. This keeps discoveries off the market often for 20 years or more from discovery to being available as a drug. Sisel takes those natural discoveries and makes products available for everyone, by using those very same natural ingredients that were proven to work, into powerful formulas. So Sisel makes natural complementary medicines, while big Pharma may take decades to make a synthetic drug to mimic the same result.

Fortunately, it isn't necessary to persuade everyone. Even a sizable minority will be enough. We can point to successful the research and development in many age-related diseases, for example. They are proven, accepted and are in use in medicine today. The problem is most of them were discovered 20-30 years ago and are just available know because of the huge regulatory process to develop a synthetic medicine that is exclusive to the drug company to manufacture.(natural ingredients are God Given by law and therefore by law cannot be patented)

Sisel takes the discoveries of today, researched by the worlds leading institutions and makes a natural product available right away. Life in the future does not have to result in accelerated aging, debilitating health, crippling physical conditions and early death. We just have to keep working away at it, and convincing people that the future is now! Big Pharma and Big Medicine & Big Research efforts have discovered it but because of Big Government regulations, it may be available to people in 20-30 years…maybe.

While the wheels of approval grind slowly on. For longevity medicine, Sisel has it now. It is in the form nature created it as “natural complementary medicine”, unlike pharmaceuticals, with little or no side effects - but brimming with good effects. Sisel researches the research, and makes it happen NOW by creating those dream-to-reality products we all have hoped for. They’re scientifically based upon breakthrough discoveries that are well proven. So now it’s up to you, to take what Sisel believes are the greatest discoveries in the history of human health, the greatest products ever available in Network Marketing and create the future you have dreamed of.

Time is the commodity that is important here. Sisel has pushed back the hands of time for those using TOL and TS-X, to reverse your biological time clock and grow younger as you live longer. This is our theory to longevity on a scale once only belonging to mystical stores and tales. The time has come to reverse aging, grow younger and create a fortune for your better life and live a much longer life. 40 Forever is out theme and Financial Freedom is our goal.

Time too, to get off your rear and into gear in creating the dream life, you have always dreamed of with Sisel, for you, your loved ones and for others all around the world Sisel operates in.

John Gatto
704 9951-4224

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