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Published on 7/18/2012 additional information available

PLASTIC INVASION - The consequences of convenience on the human body.

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About 50-60 years ago plastics started to replace many of the substances used in the everyday products people commonly used. Think of it. Coke used to be in glass bottles that you paid a deposit on and were reused. Yes not recycled but reused again and again. Now try and find a coke in a glass bottle. They are now collectors’ items. Everything from dishes, to glasses, to water bottles and about everything we touch and use every day is centered around plastics. Cosmetics, skin and hair care products are arguably the worst offenders, with the products themselves full of plastic additives and the bottles they come in leach out a variety of toxic ingredients into our cleansing shampoos, lotions and potions we put on our skin and in our mouths.

50 years later, environmental scientists, doctors and researchers who specialize in diseases of the hormonal system are not so amused. They know that because the amount of plastic in our lives has exploded, and in countless peer-reviewed studies over the last 15 years, they have resulted in alarming changes they see in our bodies, our lives and our environment. In 1960 the average American went through about 30 pounds of plastic a year. Today it’s more than 300 pounds per person.
With the massive upsurge in the use of plastics has come a concurrent rise in exposure to chemicals from plastics that mimic human hormones in the bodies of human beings. According to a 2004 study backed by the Centers for Disease Control a government health institute, 95 percent of Americans have endocrine disrupting, cancer causing, estrogen mimic plasticizers in their urine. Other studies have replicated the result with about the same amount found in human blood.

At the same time, in just the last 30 years, obesity rates have more than doubled in the United States. Many researchers suspect that “endocrine disruptors” — hormone mimics — have a hand in this explosion of weight, estimated to cost the country about $150 billion a year.
Scientists often remind listeners that “correlation is not causation.” To make the point unmistakably, Bruce Blumberg, a molecular biologist at UC, Irvine, and perhaps the leading researcher into the link between chemicals from plastics and the concurrent rise in obesity in this country jokes that the rise in obesity in America could be correlated to chemicals from plastics and may be the cause of so many gyms now in America.

Tom Mower President and Chief Research Scientist at Sisel International, a company specializing in high advanced technologies used in Age Reversal, Health Regenerating, Skin & Hair Care Products, says that it is easy to avoid these deadly toxins but it costs more money to do so. But what at what price do we value our health and that of our children and loved ones. Sisel avoids using the plastics in its bottles that are loaded with these ingredients, as he says is “slow death by toxins”, that leech out into the liquids they contain. Sisel also avoids the ingredients that are commonly used in product that contain these potentially harmful and , carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and hormonal mimics.

The best answer says Tom Mower, is to use only Sisel Safe products which avoids as many of these potentially harmful ingredients as possible. Zero tolerance is our theme for bottles and ingredients and that is our goal. Take your old products and throw them in the garbage, where they belong and replace those toxic laden products with the high advanced performance Sisel Safe Products for the health of you, your children and loved ones. You owe it to them and yourself – TO DO IT NOW!

John Gatto

704 951-4224

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