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Published on 3/11/2013 additional information available

Information on Fucoidan and SISEL's FuCoyDon Intensified:

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Fucoidan - The biologically active substance identified in the seaweed variety - Limu Moui

FuCoyDon Intensified - SISEL's Registered Trade Name for the World's Finest Fucoidan Supplement

The single most effective nutritional supplement ever found to be highly effective in preventing, treating and even reversing Alzheimer's is Fucoidan - a biologically active substance found in a brown seaweed plant that grows in shallow ocean waters offshore know as: Limu Moui.

Over 1000 studies on Fucoidan can be found at the National Medical Library Online at:
if you visit this site and enter: Fucoidan in the search box:

> you will find a number of studies on Fucoidan

SISEL International manufactures the world's best Fucoidan supplement - FuCoyDon Intensified -

Here is some very helpful information on Fucoidan and SISEL's FuCoyDon Intensified:

The Purest & Most Potent Fucoidan Supplement Available
- Formulated with over 20 Patented Manufacturing Processes including an exclusive
process that removes virtually all of the naturally occurring toxins. The end result is
the Best Fucoidan Supplement that money can b
SISEL's FuCoyDon Intensified yields over 31% of the
active Fucoidan ingredient - per bottle!

In its naturally occurring form, Limu Moi seaweed contains small amounts of toxins
such as Arsenic, which are found in seawater and which are drawn in by the plant.
As a result of the known toxins in Limu Moi - government regulatory agencies limit
the amount of Limu Moi that can be safely consumed on a daily basis. This restriction does not apply to the SISEL product because the naturally occurring toxins are effectively purged from the raw seaweed through patented manufacturing processes.

SISEL International secured over 20 patents in the development of a Breakthrough
Limu Moi Fucoidan supplement - FuCoyDon Intensified. In the making of this unique Fucoidan supplement - each 1,000 pounds of the raw Limu Moi seaweed is converted into 100 pounds of highly refined, purified and intensified product. All of the toxins including Arsenic, along with all of the other non-beneficial parts of the seaweed plant are completely removed using a patented high-pressure treatment process where the Limu Moi is subjected to a pressure of 8,000 psi.

To put that in perspective - normal atmospheric pressure is 14 psi. A special processing system designed by Tom Mower to remove toxins and purify the Limu Moui used to make SISEL's FuCoyDon Intensified was installed at SISEL's World Class Facility in Springville Utah at a cost of 3.5 million dollars. This patented processing system it is the only one of its kind. Another one of the many reasons why no other fucoidan supplement in the world is as pure and as highly concentrated and effective as SISEL's FuCoyDon Intensified!

Another patented manufacturing process used to make FuCoyDon Intensified
involves adding additional Sulfur atoms to all of the molecules in the polypeptide
strings that make up the Limu Moi molecular structure. This dramatically increases

the biological effectiveness of the product. In its natural form, only one of the
molecules on each polypeptide string has a Sulfur atom attached to it, but SISEL's
FuCoyDon Intensified, through a patented process has Sulfur atoms attached to every molecule of the polypeptide strings - making it several times more powerful than the naturally occurring Fucoidan in the world

John Gatto

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