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Published on 7/16/2012 additional information available

How your great grandmother’s chemical exposures may affect you!

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A study just released by EU researchers on “Environmentally induced epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of ovarian disease”, proved that ovarian diseases that persist across three generations develop in rats exposed to common environmental chemicals at a key time before birth. The symptoms resemble two types of ovarian problems common in women. The results suggest that environmental exposures may play a role in these diseases, including DNA changes that can be passed to future generations. (HOLY COW it means the toxins that contaminated your grandmother, your mother and now yourself will be passed on to your children)

The Study reports “Importantly, these epigenetic changes are then passed on to future generations. The implications of the research are profound. The results demonstrate that chemical exposures in just one generation can affect the risk of ovarian disease in at least the next three generations – even though the younger offspring were not ever exposed to the chemicals, they still are its victims!
(This is madness on a level that I thought only science fiction movies could dream up but it is really, really real and you and your children are the victims) Scientists believe that these similar processes occur in women. It could mean that a woman’s exposures during pregnancy may affect the risk of ovarian disease in her daughters, granddaughters and even great-granddaughters. That is from now on but from 3 generations past, you are most likely already affected and passing along this morbid inheritance to your children and they to theirs. Other diseases, including allergies and asthma; liver, gastric, prostate and colorectal cancer; and psychiatric disorders are thought to have an epigenetic component. This is the first time that epigenetic changes have been shown in association with ovarian disease.

SOOOOOO>>>>what can you do. You are the result of all these 230 industrialized toxins. Around 230 toxins now found within you and recently discovered at the umbilical cord blood feeding the fetus within your womb. Now you know: You are both THE VICTIM, THE CARRIER, THE CARRIER & THE TRANSMITTER of the degeneration that has taken place in the DNA in your body and it continues on to your innocent children, grandchildren and your future great grandchildren as it destroys yours and their biology in the process.

The answers are complex in chemistry but simple to address.
1. Use only Sisel Safe Products. (prevention beats cure)
2. Use SpectraMaxx, with 40 different antioxidant concentrates, to neutralize and annihilate toxins within your body and what enters your body. Plus 74 essential trace minerals to enable the approx. 2000 biological processes which are vital to life. (Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, said “you can trace almost any disease to trace mineral deficiency”)
3. Eternity to re-activate your youthful genes that grew you and once activated creates massive regeneration.
4. FuCoyDon to fire off and restore your immune system, which deteriorates and becomes disoriented with age. It returns to that of a new born child and bullet proofs you against deterioration.
5. Return to youth. Yes you can become younger with TS-X. As your chronological age marches on, your biological age can reverse and you could grow younger as you live longer. Based on the technology learned from the 2009 Nobel Prize winning award on Telomeres, the body’s true biological time clock. To maintain and rebuild them your body automatically responds just like when you were growing, to regrow your body, systems and structures backward in time to where you become what you once were.. again. Look at being “40 Forever”! Younger-healthier-energetic, Sisel believes, you will be just that.

With this combination I truly believe it can be done and so do scientists around the world. The problem it is brand new based on brand new Nobel Prize winning technologies, so don’t wait. It is here now and if you act now you will become a newer you, a younger you, a healthier you - and a you that could live decades longer, in vibrant good health and youthful in every way, every day. That is the reality and possibility in Sisel as we bring out these great discoveries utilizing approaches and technology never seen before on earth. The fountain of youth is here - It is now- blink & miss it and you are gone down that miserable path to degeneration, disease and an early demise. Look, see & do with Sisel to go on & on & on & on with the life you have possible within you. All it needs is the support to function and operate as it can, should and would do if it was possible. With Sisel things once considered impossible are now possible and are reality.

John Gatto
704 951-4224

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