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Published on 7/3/2012 additional information available

Homes are our most toxic environment

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Homes are our most toxic environment for most...
Tom Mower 10:44am Jul 3
Homes are our most toxic environment for most of us. The bathroom is the most toxic room we expose ourselves to because of the massive amount of toxins in personal care products. The average woman puts from about 150 to 250 toxic chemicals on themselves from personal care products, most of which penetrate their skin and into their bodies. Toxins in women are 4 times higher on average than in a man. Children’s sexual development is greatly affected by these products too. Shampoo can reduce sperm count in males, over develop girls, keep children’s eyes from developing properly, create cataracts in adult’s eyes, cause cancer, denature (breakdown) proteins in the brain, eyes and organs. Children are especially vulnerable. So can toothpaste, mouthwash, shower gel, hair gel, hair spray, lotions, skin care products of every kind. Adults can get Alzheimer’s, dementia, and age faster accordingly from using these products. So what can we do? Avoid these potentially harmful by ridding you bathroom of all your personal care products and replacing them with the Sisel Safe line of products that are not only safe but have very high levels of active ingredients not found in all other products on the market Sisel has investigated. Prevention is the best line of defense.
Now a new menace is reported. We have always known about it but just how insidious it is was not really known. Now we do and it is the air we breathe in our homes. A recent study shows just how bad it really is:
Slaving over hot stove in stuffy kitchen could be more dangerous than standing in smog-filled street. Slaving over a hot stove in a stuffy modern kitchen may expose us to worse noxious gases than standing in city center smog, according to a new study. The craze for energy efficient, draft-free homes is being blamed for indoor air pollution. Toxin levels in the average home were 3 times higher than in high density smog in London. London Daily Mail, United Kingdom
So what to do? Well there are other toxins too we face daily. Plastic bottles with the wrong kinds of plastics which are almost always used except by Sisel and “maybe” another company or two but we have not been able to find them yet, leach out deadly endocrine disruptors, carcinogens into the water we drink and products we use to wash dishes, our bodies and the lotions and potions for dental hygiene (what a misnomer that statement is) skin and hair care too.
SpectraMaxx, after avoidance of products that have these dangerous potentially harmful ingredients, can neutralize most in not all of these toxins, especially the really serious ones, of which there are many. Its powerful array of around 40 antioxidant concentrated extracts can do what no other products can do. In a world of antioxidant drinks, full of hype and over exaggerated claims, SpectraMaxx has power far beyond even what Sisel says it can do.
Use SpectraMaxx by itself of to maximize your health care attack on the factors aging you, include the Triangle of Life (TOL) which has SpectraMaxx in it. Sisel believes in a very short time you will be a better you. You will greatly slow down or even stop aging. This major accomplishment might seem like the end all in health care but it is no; as TS-X with its massive Telomere support, based up discoveries and science leading to a Nobel Prize in Science and Medicine, led to its development. Now reversing aging and growing younger is not a fantasy or a dream but a real reality with the potential to live longer and grow younger rather than just the opposite says Tom Mower, Sisel’s Chief Scientific Officer and President. Aging is not a disease, so ending it can be done and now reversing it is too. It’s a new day in this world for personal health and Sisel is that light on the hill that people can see and grow younger as they live longer and regenerate much of the health, energy and youthfulness people once had and thought was lost forever. The future ahead can be brighter than the past that is behind. The future you can work with, the past is only history and leaves a tail tale record. Nothing you can do about that as it is done was the thought in health care but now to reverse it, with the closest thing to the fountain of youth is right here for us all to use and GROW YOUNGER AGAIN.

John Gatto

704 951-4224

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